All classes have finished for the summer but will resume after Labor Day so check the web site again at the end of July / beginning of August for class schedules.

Next session starts September 2021.

  ** Nose Work Registration Form **

Class Prices - 6 Week Nose Work Classes ... $120 per dog.

No New Students at this time.

Mail registrations to
Lamar Solomon, 5502 Bartonsville Road, Frederick, Md. 21704

$10 Late Fee for registrations received after the deadline.
Check must accompany registration. All human students must be at least 14 years old.

For more information about Catoctin Kennel Club's Nose Work Program, contact:
Lamar Solomon - Director - 301-695-6613

Spring Schedule (first class April 1, 2021)
Class Level Day Offered Time Offered Instructor
Level 5: Advanced Nose Work Thursday (Limit 7)
6:30pm to 9:00pm Linda Harrison

E-mail Address:

President: Lamar Solomon

Nose Work
  • Encourages your dog's natural instincts to sniff and use their nose.

  • Search for food and build a good relationship as a handler/dog team.

  • There are numerous official scent work organizations.
  • Class Descriptions

       Level 1 - Intro to Nose Work

    This is a Beginner class for dogs and handlers. Dogs must be at least 4 months old, housebroken and able to work on leash to register for this class. Dogs use their natural ability to hunt for food. This class builds confidence in the dog and the handler learns to observe the dog's natural scenting behavior.
      Level 2 - Intro to Odor
    This class introduces the Birch odor. The hunting for odor game continues. The dog builds drive and the handler increases their ability to "read" the dog.
      Level 3 - Continuing Nose Work 1
    In this class teams move from working odor paired with food to working odor without food pairing. Birch odor is the only odor worked.
      Level 4 - Continuing Nose Work 2
    This class introduces the Anise and Clove odor.
      Level 5 - Advanced Nose Work
    Dogs at this level should be working all 3 odors in all four elements (Containers, Interiors, Vehicle and Exterior).