Weekday Ring Rentals

Summer Ring Rental Date
9:00am - 1:00pm
Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ring reservations will be done using Google Docs.
Click on Ring Reservation to reserve your 30 minute slot(s) of time in the sign up sheet.

  • Rings 2 & 3 ... 1/2 hour time slots ... $20 a slot
  • Ring 1 - Warm up ring to be shared for Heeling warm ups.
        NOT to be used for any type of retrieves, articles etc.
        No more than 10 minutes if used and NO hogging.
  • Limit is TWO slots per person.
  • Building opens at 830am.
  • First time slots are 9-9:30am. Last time slots are 12:30-1pm.
  • All rentals start and end on time.
  • Pay in cash or check. EXACT change appreciated.
  • Jumps are in the rings and handler is responsible for setting up their jumps.
  • DO NOT drag the jumps. They must be picked up.
  • YOU must text or call if you cancel within 24. Our numbers are below. If texting please state your name first so we recognize what the text is for.

    $20 for 30 Minutes

    Ring Rental Coordinators
    Laura Van Tassel (301-922-0034) & Colleen Nolan (210-364-1841)
  • Webmaster
    E-mail Address:

    President: Jeff Margeson